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WA Authors & Writers

  • Tabetha Rogers Beggs - women's fiction writer. Author of 'The Dog Next Door'.

  • Skylar J Wynter - poetry and gritty fiction. Author of 'Pieces of Humanity'.

  • Nathan Hobby - biography, fiction.  Author award-winning dystopian novel 'The Fur'.

  • Holden Sheppard - fiction. Author of award-winning YA-novel 'Invisible Boys'.

  • Rachael Johns - rural romance, women's fiction.  Author of 'The Art of Keeping Secrets' etc.

  • Emily Paull - short stories. Blogger. Author of 'Well Behaved Women'.

  • Guy Salvidge - short fiction, crime. Award-winning author of 'Yellowcake Springs', 'Frank' etc.

  • Laurie Steed - Australian fiction.  Award-winning author of 'You Belong Here' etc.

  • Carolyn Wren - romance. Award-winning author of 'The Protectors' series etc.


Online Resources

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