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Meet Lucy Morris

Lucy Morris, the protagonist my forthcoming novel, "The Sunrise Girl" is an enigma. Here's a quick interview with Lucy to give you an insight into this incongruous, often confusing character.

So Lucy, in a nutshell, what's your story about?

Lucy: Well, I guess it's one of those cheesy stories about self-discovery, you know, when someone has a life-changing event that forces them to reassess who they are. Except in my case, it was more about rediscovering who I authentically am and what makes me tick. Sometimes we have to go backwards in order to move forwards.

Where's it set?

Lucy: Norwich and Ibiza.

They seem like worlds apart. Why those two places?

Lucy: Norwich is where I lived and worked, and Ibiza is where I went on holiday. Both places play a huge role in my story.

So Lucy, give us the basics.

Lucy: My story starts in 2011 when I was 33, two years after my husband, Joe, died. I was a mess, and only my bestie, Em, could get any life out of me. On her 34th birthday we went clubbing, and let's just say that my life took some strange turns after that.


Lucy: Both deceased. My mum had me when she was 47. Dad died of a heart attack at 58, and mum died of cancer when I was 19.

You've had to be resourceful from quite an young age, then?

Lucy: After Mum died, my Aunty Liz (Mum's sister) & Uncle Ron gave me a home for a few years while I went to college. They really looked after me and treated me like one of their own. I'm especially close to my cousin, Jen. She's like a sister to me, but she and my Aunty and Uncle don't know the half of what went on with Em, and between Joe and me before he died. After college, I got a secretarial job and shacked up with Em, so I guess I had to quickly learn how to be resourceful. But, I was also reckless. Em and I would party A LOT, and we got into all sorts of scrapes and near-misses. Let's just say that Em's been a bad influence!

Any kids?

Lucy: Ha! No, I'm so not the motherly type.


Lucy: I'm not the classic relationship type, so to speak.

So what does make you tick?

Lucy: Lots of things, but mainly things that help me to escape the hum-drum of life.

Like what?

Lucy: Well, I used to like to hang out with Em and hit the clubs. In the past, it's where we'd hook up with guys. I didn't need to think or worry about anything. I still like clubbing, dancing to trippy tunes and all that, but there's other things to keep me occupied these days.

Hook up? I thought you weren't the relationship type?

Lucy: Who said anything about relationships?

I see. So there are men involved in your story?

Lucy: You could say that.

Any significant ones?

Lucy: Joe, is pretty significant, I guess. I'm not telling you about any others.

Oh, okay. What about women?

Lucy: Em's significant, obviously. I suppose Marj is too. And Jen also plays a part.

Who's Marj?

Lucy: My counsellor. Like I said, I was in a bit of a mess at the start of the story. Who wouldn't be with having to carry around bucket-loads of guilt?


Lucy: I'm not saying any more, I might give the game away. Besides, I don't want you to judge me - I did enough of that myself.

Okay, moving on. So as a child, what did you want to be?

Lucy: Don't laugh, but I really liked the idea of being a police dog handler. My mum wouldn't let me have any pets, said she was allergic, so I guess I focused on the idea of being around animals, especially dogs. Turns out I was too short to be in the force, though.

What do you do now?

Lucy: I was a paralegal, a secretary to a Corporate Lawyer. Joe got me the job. Before that, I was a PA at an Insurance company. I work in a bar now.

That's quite a difference. How did that come about?

Lucy: I took a leap of faith.

How so?

Lucy: You'll have to read my story to find out.

What drives you now?

Lucy: That's a hard one. I guess accepting what is, and making the most out of what's now.

And what would you say defines you now?

Lucy: I've never really thought about it. I suppose being real.

Habits (good or bad)?

Lucy: I smoke and drink. Oh, and I'm a constant checker - doors closed, lights off, organised paperwork, you know the stuff.

Would you survive if you were stranded on a desert island?

Lucy: Definitely not! I can rough it for a few days, but after that I need the comfort of my own bed. I know jack-shit about foraging, making things, and survival.

If you were stranded and could have one item only, what would it be?

Lucy: Um... I reckon it would have to be Em, then at least I'd know we'd have a great time!

What's invaluable to you?

Lucy: Cigarettes, sunshine and Em.

What makes you happy?

Lucy: Clubbing, and not having to worry about shitty corporate politics and day-to-day miseries, like catching the bus to work in the rain, or performance reviews, or supermarket shopping late in the evening.

What pisses you off?

Lucy: Rain, sexist pricks, and ignorant people.

Who do you aspire to be like?

Lucy: A few years ago, I would've said Em, but now I think I would like to be more like my mum. She was kind, forgiving, was a great cook, and loved wholeheartedly, something I struggle with.

Who influences you the most (good or bad)?

Lucy: Em, still! Although, she's changed quite a lot too.

What is the major lesson you've learned through this story?

Lucy: Running away when the going gets tough isn't the answer.

What wouldn’t we know just by looking at you?

Lucy: I can whistle through my nose, I'm not particularly religious, and I love Aussie soaps.

Okay, one last question. Do you rediscover who you really are and what makes you tick?

Lucy: I'm not telling! You'll have to read my story and find out!

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