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Who Am I?

I've been attending a workshop at the KSP Writer's Centre to do with creating an author brand. The gorgeous and talented Natasha Lester has been running this workshop, and has been getting us writer-types to think about what we see as quintessentially 'us', and how we'd like that to reflect in our author branding.

But, how do you separate who you authentically are with how you want the public to perceive you? And I'm not talking about physical appearance (although it does come into the fold). I'm referring to the qualities and quirks embedded within a writers work, their social media presence, and their persona on display at e.g. book launches, that all come together to create a public profile aka 'brand'.

Some of these quirks and qualities might be accidental, like a spelling mistake on a blog that becomes synonymous with an author, or may be more ingrained, like an addiction to lip-salve etc. But what do we want our readers to know and see?

In my effort to build my brand, this website has been created in a way that I feel matches with parts of my persona e.g. my need for uncluttered, structured and symmetrical pages etc.. But it could be better.

So, I'm putting it out there to those who know me, or have perhaps read some of my work. Is my branding working? Is it me? Do you like it? And, what improvements could be made?

Please leave a message after the beep.



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