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Taken from 'The Sunrise Girl'


I am not going to sleep with him. The words go on repeat as I wait for Brian to return from the bar.

   Dry ice puffs out from the base of the god-like DJ’s sound deck. A kaleidoscope of sound intertwines within my ears, masking all thought. Colour and shade intersperse, animating everything around me as the sea of bodies beckons. Raised arms, eyes closed; all ebbing in unison to the ‘doof, doof’ beat.

   My brain is bombarded. It’s too hot, too dark, too bright, too...

   I squint, stilling myself, seeking normality. My magnetised flesh anticipating what’s to come.

   Limbs and torsos bump and grind around and against me, the stench of sweat lingering in the air like smog. The addictive pulse infiltrating my every pore until I’m a willing traveller in this hypnotic world. Digested and regurgitated into something unreal, nothing makes sense, and yet it all completely does. I’m feeling it—bliss.

   I drift, embracing these strange, yet familiar sensations.

   A tap on the shoulder tugs me back, and with heavy eyelids, I acknowledge him.

   He says something. I can’t hear him, so he closes in, cupping my ear.

   ‘I was worried you’d done a runner.’

   His voice is like mellow whisky pouring into my ears. Soft whiskers brush against my enflamed cheek, a hint of alcohol wafting from his delicious mouth.

   ‘No, I’m still here,’ I say, steadying myself.

   ‘I’m glad you came tonight.’

   ‘So am I,’ and there is some truth in that.

   My body betrays me, and I melt into him. We sway together, immersed in this synesthetic world drawing us closer to an inevitable climax.



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