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My quirky novelette, killing with candy, is now available!

My latest release is now available to purchase from all major online retailers. Here's the blurb:

Stella, a FIFO wife and mum of two, is suffering from lust-sickness. 
Dave, her husband of many years, is too tired to provide the just-desserts Stella is pining for when he comes home from the Pilbara mine he works at. 

When Dave is away, he and Stella talk nightly over Skype, which gives Stella and her school-mum friends, Jess and Nina, an idea for how to ramp-up her and Dave’s souring romance, nicknaming it ‘Skype-Gate’. 

They produce a list of ‘sexy’ things Stella is to do when she’s Skyping with Dave, but as with all best-laid plans, Stella’s attempts at online seduction don’t go the way she hopes, leaving her and Dave feeling downright unsavoury. 

Will Stella ever manage to fire Dave up enough to secure some bedroom treats when he comes home? Or will her efforts to introduce some sweet delights into the bedroom be an end to their love, and quite possibly, Dave? 

Find out in this quirky, laugh-out-loud novelette.

Available in paperback and eBook formats.


Global launch of 'hate story' by jeff cottrill

Dragonfly Publishing author, Jeff Cottrill's debut novel Hate Story is releasing on 19th March 2022 via a global Zoom launch party. The launch will feature spoken word artists, music, readings and a movie quiz to win a copy of the book. And the great thing is, you can enjoy all of this from the comfort of your own home.

If you love contemporary fiction, satire and dark comedy, you will want to read this book, and if you want a teaser, read my blog post "Meet Jackie Roberts" to get an insight into the main protagonist.

Pre-orders are available from all major online booksellers. Get your copy ordered today and let's get Jeff a 'bestseller' badge!

Paw Prints 3D Book.png

'Paw Prints of Love' anthology now available!

My short story 'For the Love of Dogs' is part of this wonderful collection of sweet romance stories based in the fictional coastal town of Stonecrest Bay, WA, and is now available worldwide on Amazon and all good online retailers.

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